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E-meetings are a way of meeting without having to be in the same location. This saves money in the form of travel expenses and is also good for the environment. The term covers everything from Skype meetings to what we call ‘real’ video conferencing, which is an extension of the classic conference telephone.

Video conference

A video conferencing room is available to book at Navet. All LTH staff are welcome to book it.

The system communicates using IP (H323) and comprises:

  • Two 42" video screens – a sender screen and a receiver screen
  • A video conference camera
  • A document camera/visualiser
  • Connection points for user’s laptop computer (VGA, DVI, DisplayPort or HDMI)
  • A ceiling microphone

The room has access to the LU wireless internet network.

Adobe Connect online meetings

Adobe Connect is an online e-meeting program that can be used to share sound, video, screenshots and documents, hold online chats and much more. All Lund University employees have access to Adobe Connect.

How to create an online meeting with Adobe Connect

Log in to the service via the link below. Type "Lund University" into the login provider search box, and then log in using your Lucat ID.

Adobe Connect meeting rooms

At Navet we have a room equipped for several participants in a virtual Adobe Connect meeting room. 
This is a relatively cost-effective solution if you want to equip your own meeting room for e-meetings. LTH Service and Technology can help you to put together such a package if you are interested.




For help and support with E-meetings, contact the Service and Technology team: