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Web publishing

The faculty's central website (

The faculty's Communication and Collaboration Office is responsible for developing and maintaining our central website ( and the faculty's content management system (Typo3). We keep the website up to date with relevant information with the help of content owners from other departments.

If you have feedback on our central website, come across broken links or out of date conent, please send us an email with a link to the relevant page and a description of what the issue is.

Technical support

The faculty's web team also provide technical support to other websites under the LTH umbrella. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Typo3 (content management system)

Typo3 is the Faculty of Engineering's official content management system. You can find tutorials and how-to guides on the Typo3 website.



Yens Wahlgren
Web Editor
Tel: 046-222 31 49

Tomas Havner
Tel: 046 - 222 70 19

Elisabeth Dawson
Communications Officer (English webpages)
Tel: 072 - 225 86 73