LTH:s Medarbetarwebb


Visual identity and logo

All members of staff contribute to LTHs and Lund University's image and reputation. We have a shared responsibility to follow the rules of our visual identity.

Fonts, colours and graphic elements

Find information and guidelines around Lund University's visual identity on the central staff pages:

Our name

  • In Sweden we use the name " LTH (Lunds Tekniska Högskola)"
  • Internationally, we use the name "LTH Faculty of Engineering  at Lund University"
  • The name of a unit should always be followed by LTH, for instance "Architecture LTH", etc.

Why it's important

  • A coherent visual identity contributes to clarity, uniformity and recognition
  • It gives a coherent and professional impression, which is important in the face of increasing competition for teaching staff, researchers, students and funding.
  • It is an important component of the work to create a strong brand – it helps to shape the outward image of the University.
  • Good templates and clear guidelines save time.

Download logo

Click on the LTH-logo above to download a zip file with logos. The package contains logos in English and Swedish.