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LTHin – our intranet

New collaboration possibilities using LTHin

LTHin is a digital platform which will provide LTH employees with a smorgasbord of opportunities. It brings us easy access to important information regarding our work as well as facilitating our internal collaboration. 

At LTHin you will find  

  • important documents and relevant information gathered in one place
  • customized news depending on organizational belonging
  • what's on at LTH, your department or group
  • the possibility to interact with colleagues about common topics
  • the possibility to efficiently handle administrative tasks, connect through different networks and run projects. 

Plan for November

We re planning to start launching LTHin in late November (week 47) and it will be available to all employees at the same time. We will all have access to the same tools from the start and during the following months LTHin will expand with information relevant to us all or to different groups.

Newsletter AktuelLTH

News will continuously be published on LTHin which means that AktuelLTH eventually will be discontinued. 

As you see, there are several reasons for all LTH employees to become active users of our common intranet!



Project Manager
Pernilla Daws

Responsible for CMS and training
Emma Danielsson