LTH:s Medarbetarwebb


Communication - tools and guidelines

Language resources and policies

Read up on LTH:s language policy, find translations of common university terms, translation services and general guidelines to writing academic texts in English.

Media contact

Visibility in the media is something many researchers strive for. The LTH press officers can help you plan a media strategy, improve your interview technique and much more.


By using LTH:s powerpoint template you can be sure you are following the visual identity guidelines for the university. The template also contains ready made slides with information about the university and the faculty.

Visual identity and logo

Information about LU colours, fonts, logo, and how to use the LTH / Lund University brands in Sweden and abroad.

Web publishing

Information about LTH:s main website and content managment system - Typo3 - as well as contact details for technical support.

Writing popular science

Get tips on how to write scientific texts in a way that the general public will be able to understand.


LU's 350th anniversary

Contact the Communication and Collaboration office