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Preventing and combating sexual harassment, victimisation and discrimination

LTH works to ensure that no employee or student is subjected to sexual or gender-related harassment or to harassment due to a report of sex discrimination. All harassment is to be dealt with immediately.

Lund University has a programme of measures aimed at all staff and students of the University that is part of Lund University’s gender equality policy, which means that all activities are to be based on democratic values, openness and equality.

Under the Act on Equal Treatment of Students at Universities, the University is also to prevent harassment on the grounds of ethnic origin, sexual orientation and disability. The University has established an action plan as a result of the Act on Equal Treatment of Students.

A student who considers that he or she has been subjected to harassment should first contact the head of department. The head of department is to assess whether the incident can be dealt with at the department or whether it should be passed on to another body. The head of department should consider whether there is reason to involve the Occupational Health Service or the Student Health Service. The head of department is also to assess what measures need to be taken at the department to prevent any further harassment.

Students or employees can also choose to contact the head of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, who has responsibility for deciding where in the organisation the matter should be dealt with and what measures should be taken.

At LTH there are also contact persons and student welfare officers who deal with harassment.