For the benefit of the industry

Research in close cooperation with industry is essential for an institute of technology. At LTH, this includes projects on smart electricity networks, emission-free engines, electric roads that can power also heavy vehicles and making connected industry fast and secure. Energy savings and consideration for the environment is the aim of many research projects – from developing concrete with greater durability and less environmental impact to examining how industries can achieve zero emissions.

LTH conducts broad and advanced research in robotics. Mathematicians are developing robots that can see, analyse and act accordingly. Control technicians are equipping industrial robots with the ability to correct imperfect movements. Computer scientists are making robots easier to control with the help of speech and touch.

Several researchers are giving industry a boost by looking for durable materials for the tools that are the basis for modern industrial manufacturing, while others are developing 3D printing for smarter production.

Some LTH researchers are examining processes that reduce costs and provide better utilisation of resources. One research strand is highlighting the complexity and potential of bio-based power and heat production. Our researchers are also trying to optimise pharmaceutical production, so that patients worldwide receive the right medicine at a reasonable price.

At LTH, logistics researchers are identifying changing consumption patterns and designing proposals for new supply chains. Several of them are focusing on how heavy goods transportation can be regulated to reduce environmental impact. Our researchers know how packaging can be designed to become more eco-efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly