Industrial Management and Logistics

Research at the Department of Industrial Management and Logistics is mainly directed towards logistics and material flows. About 25 people are employed at the department.

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Overview of divisions:

Engineering Logistics

Engineering Logistics is the study of processes along the material flow chain as a whole, including purchasing, transport, handling, storing and distribution, as well as coordination between companies in the chain; using information systems and supply chain management. Examples of current projects are risk management in the supply chain, supplier-controlled stores, logistics in the building sector, environmental issues and safety. Research is strongly connected to industry.

Keywords: logistics, distribution, goods transport, material supply, purchasing, materials handling, stock, supply chain management, processing chains, supply chains

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Production Management

In Production Management, mainly quantitative models are used, while Engineering Logistics is based primarily on case studies and empirical investigations. Courses are given mainly for students taking the programmes in Industrial Management and Engineering, as well as Mechanical Engineering.

Stock and production control are central to the research topics within Production Management. In recent years, research has made use of mathematical models to analyse complicated stock systems in which several stores or warehouses are connected to each other. Courses are given in many different programmes, including many in economics.

Keywords: stock control, production planning, optimization, stochastic models

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