New student

Four things to know when you're new and want to use the library:

1. Library card
Lund University students and staff use their LU card as their library card.

Before you can borrow books using your LU card you need to activate your card at one of the libraries. Please register for a library account before you visit a library and do not forget to bring valid photo id.

LU access card
Register for a library account

You can use your library card at all of the libraries at the University. In the library catalogue LUBcat, you find your books. 

2. Course books
You can find course books for LTH mainly in Study centre library. You search for books in LUBcat. Course books can be lend for 2 weeks.


3. Lending and returning of books
You can lend your books at the library where you find them or order them to another library at the University. You can also return books at any of the libraries.

4. Reading and writing support
Ifyou need your course literature on adjusted media read more on our web page:

Reading and writing support

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