Service during summer

Study Centre closed!

As of 28/5, the library is closed due to renovation. The areas for study places in the building will be improved along with the library. The house will open again in August.

The library is not available for returns during this period, but you can return borrowed books at other open libraries within the university. Books in the Study Centre library will not be available, nor can they be requested to other libraries.

Summer loans

Summer loans are available between 20/5 and 1/9 this year. Course books - and some special material - which are borrowed from 20/5 will therefore have a return date of 1/9.

Service during summer

  • Telephone support: 25/6 - 13/8 Closed
  • Digital Zoom desk: 7/6 - 13/8 Closed
  • Open library: 25/6 - 13/8 Closed
  • Library of Architecture and Design: 25/6 - 13/8 Closed
  • Library of E-huset: 25/6 - 13/8 Closed
  • Civil Engineering Library: 25/6 - 13/8 Closed


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