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Research data

Are you in the middle of writing your research application and wonder how to set up your Data Management Plan (DMP)? More and more research funders require a DMP as part of your research funding application, and therefore we offer support regarding data management. Book us for a seminar or a workshop, where you and our colleagues will be guided through what to keep in mind starting your DMP work. You can also book an individual session where vi look at your DMP together.

A DMP will help you handling your data in terms of how to organise, store and save it. We give you an introduction to the things that normally needs to be described in a DMP and highlight useful instruments and links. We will also be showing you Lund University’s new system för DMPs – DMPRoadmap. There will be plenty of room to discuss and answer your DMP questions. Take the opportunity to bring your DMP if you started one, or to start one now.

Allocating time to write a good DMP gives you a chance to think about how you are going to organise your data and what this means considering time and money. If you attach a DMP to our research application, you show that you have been thinking about your data management and can answer questions like:

  • What sort of data will you be collecting/creating?
  • Are there any ethical questions/aspects to consider?
  • Which data should be reused, shared and/or kept?

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Research data / Bring your DMP, or how to create a Data Management Plan for your research project

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