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Publishing/Open access

There are many reasons to make your publications open access, that is freely available online. For example, it means that researcher from less well-to-do universities as wells as professionals outside academia can read and cite your work. A lot of research funders will only finance your research on condition that the results are published open access.

There are different ways of making your publications open access:

Publishing in journals covered by publishing agreements

Lund university has publishing agreements with most of the larger scientific publishers. These agreements usually mean that researchers and doctoral students from Lund university can publish open access in these publishers’ journals without having to cover the publishing fees by themselves.

Information about publishing agreements - on the Lund University Library website

Publishing in an open access journal - support for fees

Lund university will cover article processing charges when you publish in an open access journal (i.e. a journal where all articles are always made freely available). Fees for open access books and book chapters can also be covered. 

How to apply for financial support when publishing - on the Lund University Library website

Self-archiving your publication 

If you’ve published in a subscription journal not covered by a publishing agreement, it’s likely you can self-archive your article. This means you upload an open access copy of your article to an archive, for example LUCRIS. 

Most scientific publishers allows for self-archiving, but their conditions for this vary. Most of the time, you can upload the author manuscript version (= same text as the published version, but without publisher’s layout and page numbers), sometimes after a delay period, also called

Information about journal and publisher policies in Sherpa Romeo


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