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To register in LUCRIS

LUCRIS is short for Lund University Current Research Information System, which is the Lund University system for research information. Scientific publications, information about individual researchers, groups and projects, and other research related activities are presented In the Research Portal, the public interface for LUCRIS. In LUCRIS this is called research output.

You log in to LUCRIS with your LUCAT card. If you do not gain access you have most likely been registered with the wrong activity title in LUCAT. If so, please contact your local LUCAT administrator, or if that is not sufficient, the LUCRIS support.

Log in to LUCRIS

Personal profile

According to LUCRIS minimum level, all researchers shall make a presentation of themselves on their personal page – upload a picture and state subject words describing your area of research together with a written description of the area in both Swedish and English. To update your research profile, log in to LUCRIS, go to the Personal overview and then click the button Edit profile.

Instructions on how to create your profile in LUCRIS is found on Lund University's Staff Pages


According to a decision by the Vice-Chancellor, all research publications must be registered in LUCRIS. Log in to LUCRIS and click the plus sign beside the module for research output to see the different categories and types you can add.

You find what you need to know about registration in LUCRIS on Lund University's Staff Pages

When you have saved your publication as "for validation" it is being sent to your local reviewer who will check that your details are correct and add things you may have missed out on. When the reviewer has approved your publication, it becomes visible in the Research Portal. To get in contact with your reviewer please contact the LUCRIS support.

Contact the LUCRIS support,

See Lund University's Staff Pages for information, manuals, quick guides and instruction films about LUCRIS reviewing


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