Starting a project

Save time and streamline the research process by planning your data management well as the project proceeds.

Requirement from research funders

It has become more and more common that research funders, both nationally and globally, require that researchers receiving research funding write a data management plan (DMP) for their research project. The funders’ DMP templates are often based on the so-called FAIR-principles. FAIR is supposed to function as a help and support in the data management of the project.

More information about FAIR criteria at the Swedish Research Council website

More information about FAIR principles at the GO FAIR Initiative website

Creating Data Management Plans in DMPRoadmap

A data management plan (DMP) for a research project increases the chances for correct management and quality assurance of research material. A DMP describes how data is collected, managed, organised, stored, and made available during the research process and how to ensure the data is saved and archived correctly after the project is finished. The plan should be set up already at the beginning of the research project and be updated continuously during the working process.

In February 2020 Lund University launched a new system for data management plans – DMPRoadmap. The system supports researchers who receive, or have already received, project funding foremost from the Swedish Research Council, or when funders require that the university is responsible for setting up a DMP.

Information on Medarbetarwebben about how to set up a DMP in DMPRoadmap

Ethical Reviews

Are you planning to carry out research that involves people or the handling of personal details? If you are going to collect data containing sensitive personal data you might need to apply for an ethical approval. Since 2004, it is prohibited to embark on certain research without an approval from the Ethical Review Board.

Information about ethical reviews at Medarbetarwebben


All costs for a project should be estimated and included when budgeting for a project. It is often possible to apply for more money to cover costs during an ongoing project, but keep in mind to account for potential costs already when writing your application. Examples of costs:

  • Time (managing, cleaning and coding the data)
  • Software (costs for purchase or licence/year, start-up costs)
  • Staff (data manager for the project, research engineer for programming)
  • Safe storage (server space, safety cabinets)
  • Ethical review application

At UK Data Service you can find information about costs in relation to data management. You can also find a checklist to help calculate costs for research data.

Information about data management at UK Data Service webpage

Reusing data

Note that if you want to reuse data it must be cited. Among other things, you need to state the copyright holder, where the data is stored, and possible version referring to a DOI or another persistent identifier.

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