Publishing/Open access

There are many reasons for choosing to make your publications open access, that is freely available to the public. Open access can increase the use of the publications, but the case could also be that your research funder requires that open access is used.

Open Access can be achieved by publishing in an OA journal, but also by using so-called parallel publishing. Parallel publishing means that you publish as usual but later make some version of the article freely available on the Internet. One way could be to put a full text version of the article in LUCRIS.

You might also publish your article through hybrid open access which means that you pay a traditional journal to make your article freely available. 

Support for parallel publishing

Different journals have different policies for what is required to be able to parallel publish the publication, and it is always a good idea to investigate what applies for the journal at hand. Sherpa Romeo is a page with detailed information on different publishers and their policies. 

On webpage for Sherpa Romeo you can find information on publishers

Note that for some journals there could be an embargo. This means that a journal does not allow parallel publishing before a certain amount of time has passed. If so, you can make a setting in LUCRIS so that your article becomes freely available after a certain date.

Financial support when publishing

Lund University supports fees for the publishing in open access journals.

Information at the University Library website about how to apply for financial support when publishing

Agreements with publishers for hybrid open access

Lund University has negotiated agreements with different publishers, which means that researchers and doctoral students affiliated to the university have the right for subsidised or free publishing in OA and hybrid journals.

Information about publishers and journals with subsidised publishing at the University Library website

Information about scientific publishing at the University Library webpage Publish


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