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Karel Lambert

Name: Karel Lambert
From: Belgium
Master's programme: Fire safety engineering

Master's programmes
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What do you think of your programme so far?

The quality of the education is very good; you can tell that this is a world class university. Lund is has a fire group which is world renowned, so visiting professors of a high level come to teach us. We had a guest lecture by a visiting professor who is world renowned for his research into tunnel fires. For me, to be taught by such an authority is a real asset.

Having people from industry in the program like this, who can tell us about their experiences, is really valuable. For someone to tell you: “Ok, this is the theory, but you can also do it like this, and these features are used more industry.” or: “This is it in theory, but due to computer capacity, we don’t do it that way anymore.” is very interesting, and it’s definitely an asset to the program.

Another advantage of our program is that we have so many different nationalities, that we also get some exchange in the group, not only about cultural things, but also about course-specific material.

What’s different about studying here compared to your home country?

They give us scientific papers, which we have to summarize, compare, reflect on, and explain how we will use the material in our future work. That’s nothing like I’ve done in the past, but I must say that doing it gave me some valuable insights which I maybe wouldn’t have had by simply studying the slides.

When you want to learn something, you have to get out of your comfort zone. In the past, my teachers have asked concrete questions where it’s clear what they want to hear, and easy to find the answer But here, they formulate their questions in such a way that you really have to get into the material. It can be stressful and difficult at times, but in hindsight it really helped me learn.

What do you think of Lund as a place to study?

The city is nice and cozy; all distances are relatively short. Everything is doable by bike. There are several rooms where you can study and talk and do group work. And there are other rooms where you are supposed to study and not say a word, and where it’s very quiet. I really like it here!