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Jiao Pan

Name: Jiao Pan
From: China
Master's programme: Wireless communication

Master's programmes
Exchange studies

Why did you choose to study in Lund?

I chose to come here because I had heard about this programme and how Bluetooth was originally designed here. I also talked to people who had done the program, and that made me really sure I wanted to come.

What is life like in Lund?

Most of my friends are from classes and the corridors. And I am lucky because most of the people in my corridor are Swedish and they are really friendly and considerate. They speak English if I am around, even if I am not involved in the conversation, so that I don’t feel left out and so I can practice my English. I am really lucky and happy living here.

I also really get along with my class-mates - we have the best class ever! We eat lunch together, and go out. Everyone is really friendly here!

What are your plans for the future?

I’m not sure yet, but I think this degree will definitely give me an advantage on the job market. I think it’ll come across in interviews that I’ve learned a lot during my time in Lund.

Would you recommend the programme?
I would definitely recommend it. The programme itself is excellent, and the atmosphere in Lund is really lovely. I have felt so at peace here.