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Application for Master's Degree Certificate

Degree Certificate

The degree certificate is issued by the degree office at LTH, situated in the E-building fifth floor, and it is free of charge. You need to apply for the degree certificate once you have completed all your courses and all the final grades have been reported, by your lecturers, into the student register, LADOK.

Fill in the application form found below and return it to Examen, LTH´s kansli, Box 118, 221 00 LUND or scan and send it via e-mail to You can also hand it over personally at the office.

The degree certificate can be sent to an adress in Sweden or abroad (the address you state in the application form). In Sweden we use regular post and for other countries registered mail.

Application - Degree Certificate

Please, check that the spelling of your name is correct in LADOK. Otherwise contact international master coordinator Helene von Wachenfelt, Lykke Jacobson or Cecilia Nilsson.

If any credits are missing you should contact the concerned course coordinator.

Courses exceeding the degree requirements will not be included in the degree. You can ask for a course certificate from the course administrator.

The degree certificate is bilingual – Swedish and English. The diploma states when the education is completed and when it is issued.

All courses included in the degree will be listed in the course appendix. A diploma supplement is issued with the degree certificate. It provides a description of the degree, level, context and content of the completed studies, as well as information about the Swedish higher education system.

The degree office will handle all applications in turn and it takes approximately 2-4 weeks before the diploma is issued, depending on the number of applications received.

Only one original is issued. If you need certified photocopies you can find more information and an order form below. A fee will be charged for each order.

Application - Copies