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Information for current students

Below, you find information regarding your studies at LTH and practical information about help and support, how to apply for your Master Degree certificate, application for courses, the Graduation ceremony etc.

LTH Now - free app for your smartphone

To make the new student's life easier, LTH has launched a free iPhone and Android application - ”LTH Now”. It is designed to help you find your way around Lund and the LTH campus, to display your current schedule, and provide a map to guide you to your lecture halls. The application is the first one of its kind at Swedish colleges and universities.

More details and download information about LTH Now can be found here.

Schedule generator

If you want an overview of your schedule and maby print it, you can use the LTH schedule generator.

Link and instructions to the schedule generator can be found here.

Semester registration

Starting from the 2nd semester until graduation, all Master's degree students at LTH are required to register as active students in the student portal at the beginning of each semester. This is called the "Semester Registration". This is a way to show that you intend to continue your studies in the programme during the coming semester and should be done even if you are in the final stages of your education.

Find out more on when and how to complete the Semester Registration here.

Application for courses

Most Master's degree students at LTH must apply for courses before each study period or semester. This does not apply to students in Energy-efficient and Environmental Building Design, Industrial Design, FIPDes and IMFSE who have pre-selected courses. Students must apply for all courses in the program, including compulsory courses.  It is the responsibility of the department to finalize the registration once the students have attended the first lecture.

Registration for exams

All written invigilated examination are assessed anonymously at LTH. Students are required to register for their exams. The registration is done in the Student Portal. 

Here you will find extensive information on how and when to register for coming exams.

Degree project guidelines

The two-year Master’s programmes in Engineering, Architecture and Design include a degree project of 30 credits. Here you will find a brief overview of what the degree project involves. The emphasis is on providing short and practical advice. In the text you will also find  links to relevant forms, e.g. Enrolment Form for Degree Project.

Study support

If you need academic advice, help with your study technique, somebody to talk to about a personal problem or methods to handle stress or exam anxiety, then we are here for you. LTH and LU offers diferent services to students in need of support. 

More information about study support can be found here.



Degree certificate - how to apply

The degree certificate is issued by the degree office at LTH, situated in Kårhuset, free of charge. You need to apply for the degree certificate once you have completed all your courses and all the final grades have been reported, by your lecturers, into the student register, LADOK. It is also possible to apply for certified copies for a fee.

Find instructions on how to apply for your degree certificate here.

The Alumni Network

The Alumni Network is a free professional and social network for all who have studied at Lund University. Over 30 000 alumni, located around the world, have joined this network, which is a great resource for career development, making new contacts and staying in touch with old classmates and friends.

Find our more and sign up for the Alumni Network here.

Graduation ceremony

LTH holds two graduation ceremonies per year to honour our graduating students. No invitations will be sent out to Master's degree students automatically. Only students who fulfil certain criteria and have expressed their interest in participating will be invited. 

Find out more about the Graduation Ceremony here.


The Lund/Malmö/Copenhagen has been ranked as one of the most innovative regions in the world. We have gathered links to information about internship opportunities, career service, incubators and more to help our students progress into professionals in their field of study.

Find more career information here.