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Courses for exchange students

You can choose freely among courses that are suitable for exchange students  from different study programs at LTH. The students must observe the academic requirements and verify that they are qualified for a course with supporting documents. 

NB! The number of places in courses can be limited. Exchange students are expected to have a full time study plan of 30 credits each semester during their study period at Lund University.


In the column to the right you find our schedule generator as well as instructions on how to use it. You can generate your personalized schedule and also check for possible clashes in your schedule. Clashes in lab sessions and exercises are not a problem. 

Courses at other faculties

For international exchange students Lund University offers more than 300 courses taught in English across the departments and faculties.

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Special Area Studies

Exchange students can apply for “Special Area Study” (SAS) courses in subjects such as Swedish culture and society, European studies, regional courses and global issues of contemporary interest.

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Learning Swedish

To meet the growing interest for Swedish language courses, the Faculty of Engineering LTH at Lund University offers its exchange students academic Swedish Courses.

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Timeframe – Course application and key dates - Spring

Spring 2017

01-25 Application to exchange studies at LTH

Mid November – December
Letter of acceptance is being sent out to students

10 Arrival Day
10-15 Orientation week

 Pre-registration Day
11 Deadline for changing courses (sp3 and sp4)
16 Study period 3 (sp3) starts
16 Deadline for handing in the pre-registration form

20 Study period 4 (sp4) starts

03 Semester ends

Timeframe – Course application and key dates - Autumn

Autumn 2017

01-25 Application to exchange studies at LTH

Mid May – July 
Letter of acceptance is being sent out to students

15 Arrival Day
15-25 Orientation weeks

 Registration Day
21 Deadline for changing courses (sp1 and sp2)
24 Deadline for handing in the pre-registration form
28 Study period 1 (sp1) starts

30 Study period 2 (sp2) starts

13 Semester ends