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Courses at the School of Architecture

Exchange students interested in taking courses at the School of Architecture are required to have BA or three years of approved studies in Architecture as the courses for exchange students are given at advanced level.


A digital portfolio in pdf format and less than 10MB in size should be attached to the application.

Applicants for exchange studies at the School of Architecture are required to submit a digital portfolio, showing your best design works in architecture. Also, include a Statement of Purpose (one page maximum) with a brief description of your interest in studying Architecture and your CV. 


The following formula and criteria should be used as a guideline for producing a neat, clear and effective portfolio. A portfolio should reflect the scope and variety of your previous training. You should submit work that represents your personal interests and abilities. Include a brief description of the context in which each work is created if needed to provide a clearer understanding (assignment settings, main objectives, requirements, prerequisites, design concept etc.) The portfolio should show how you research and explore a design project and how you develop your ideas.

If group work is presented, indicate clearly the role that you played in the project. If professional work is presented, indicate clearly your contribution to the project.

Digital portfolio requirements

  • The digital portfolio file must be in Pdf format and less than 10 MB in size
  • Include your Statement of Purpose and your CV in the portfolio file
  • File names must include your name
  • Assemble all your projects into one portfolio file, if possible. If you must send more than one file, add a sequence number before the ".pdf" extension.

Grading system

Please note that no ECTS grades are awarded for any of the courses offered at the School of Architecture

Architecture courses: Pass —G (Godkänd)— or Fail —U (Underkänd).