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Double degree studies

About the T.I.M.E. network

LTH is since the year 2000 a member of the T.I.M.E. network. A network of 58 leading Engineering Schools and Faculties and Technical Universities worldwide which offers, through a system of voluntary bilateral agreements between its members, promotion and recognition of academic excellence and relevance to the international labour market in the form of Double Degrees in engineering and in related fields.

Through its double degree activities, T.I.M.E. promotes high-quality engineering education and produces graduates who are able to work transnationally and in trans-cultural environments.

For students

As double degree student, you are admitted to the final years of a five-year Master of Science in one of the engineering programs at LTH. You follow an individual study plan within a specialization. Depending on the agreement with your home university, you may either complete your studies in Lund or go back for a last year at your home university. After completion of the studies at both universities, you will be awarded a Master of Science in Engineering degree from LTH and one degree from your home institution.

In order to become a double degree student at LTH, you must be enrolled at a partner university that has a double degree agreement with LTH. Please contact the International office at your home university to find out whether such an agreement exists.

Currently, LTH has double degree agreements with the following partner universities:


University of Queensland (Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering)

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium (Engineering Physics)

Ecoles Centrales in Paris, Lille, Marseille, Lyon and Nantes (Engineering Physics)

Politecnico di Milano (Biomedical Engineering)

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Electrical Engineering)
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering)


How to apply:

You should follow the same process and application procedures as exchange students. On the webpage How to apply, you will be able to find information about application procedures, study plan, grading system and English requirements.

Specific information about study plan for double degree students:

It is important to think in advance about which specialization you want to pursue at LTH and the courses. For information about courses and programs

Most of the courses should be at advanced level.  It is important to check the schedule for clashes when preparing your study plan and for pre-requisites of the course.

In some cases, you need to complete your bachelor studies by taking courses from the first three years of the LTH program of interest to match with LTHs degree program.

The final study plan is set after you have met the Director of Studies from program that you are applying to after your arrival in Lund.

Swedish language course

As a double degree student, you need to pursue 30 credits in Swedish language course in your first year of studies at LTH (15 credits per semester) in addition to your engineering studies (60 credits). For information about the Swedish language courses