Information regarding the coronavirus outbreak

This applies during the month of April for students at LTH

Due to the fact that the spread of infection remains serious, Lund University has decided on 18 March 2021 that all activities that are not necessary to carry out with a presence on the university's premises will coninue to be carried out digitally.

Practical elements in the education that require the presence of students and which, if they are canceled, lead to far-reaching consequences for the quality of the education, exemptions can be granted. It is LTH's Dean who decides on exemptions after a risk assessment has been made and approved.

Libraries are kept open to a limited extent. Opening hours are announced on the library websites. Students and employees are referred as far as possible to digital support and digital collections.

Avoid campus

LTH will continue to keep study places in respective buildings open to students who have special reasons for using those. As a student, you should only stay on LTH's premises if, for example:

  • you need to search for information that you cannot access from home
  • you need to use reference material
  • you need access to equipment for distance learning and examination

If you have reason to be here, keep in mind that:

  • keep a distance from everyone you meet - no group work is allowed on LTH's premises
  • leave furniture where it is
  • keep the visit as short as possible
  • keep at least two metres distance from others

Thank you for helping us to follow these rules, which exist for your and other students' safety and for us to be able to continue to keep the premises open.

Support is available

Some students experience difficulties with remote studies or have questions and reflections about the future. Support is available, including: 

More information

Information about corona for LTH employees on LTHin.

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