Information regarding the coronavirus outbreak

This applies during autumn 2021 for students at LTH

Lund University has decided to gradually and orderly return to campus-based education during autumn 2021. LTH's Rector Annika Olsson has made a supplementary decision on what LTH's gradual return to teaching, research and administrative work on our campus will look like.

Teaching is planned to return to normal on November 1, 2021, when lectures will begin to be held physically on campus again. In situations where the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations can be followed, some exercises, seminars and examinations will be able to be held on campus even before that.

Your Programme Director and those responsible for each course will inform you about what applies to your particular programme and courses.

Please continue to follow the restrictions

The restrictions that applied during spring  will continue to apply until further notice:

  • Please study from home when you can until 30 October
  • You are expected to come to campus to participate in exercises, seminars and examinations, if you have received information that they are held physically. Prior to physical teaching or examinations, a risk analysis is performed and appropriate safety measures are taken.
  • Study places and computer rooms are available for students who need them, e.g. for information searches, use of reference material, access to equipment for distance learning and assessments.
  • Students who must attend the campus have to keep a distance from others. If the premises are full, please find another place.
  • If weather permits – try to study outside. At the main entrances to many of LTH's buildings, seat pads are available. Feel free to take one and remember to keep your distance even when you are outdoors.

Study places

Overview of Lund University's study places

At LTH, the following premises are accessible to LU card-holders:

  • A-huset
  • E-huset
  • Fysicum
  • IKDC
  • Kemicentrum
  • Kårhuset
  • Matematikhuset
  • LTH Study Centre - Studiecentrum
  • V-huset

How to reach the LTH Reception

Alternative places to get your LU-card while LTH Study Centre is closed (on the LU-card website)

Opening hours LTH library during summer 

Support is available

Some students experience difficulties with remote studies or have questions and reflections about the future. Support is available, including: 

More information

Information about corona for LTH employees on LTHin.

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