Information regarding the coronavirus outbreak

Information for students

Distance education for all students at Faculty of Engineering - LTH, applies. LTH plans to continue with distance learning, including exams and re-exams, for study period 4. We all have a common responsibility to stay healthy and avoid spreading infection.

Over the pas week, LTH has worked to restructure the learning-process at the university, so that it can proceed and continue on distance.

Students are recommended to study from home.

This applies during study period 4 (March 27)

Please note that changes can occur, please follow the updates on LU as well as this page, with specific infromation from LTH. 

Link to Lund University's information about the coronavirus outbreak

All teaching should now be remote. Work is in progress to create the best possible conditions for this. Working methods vary between courses and also within a course. It is important that you stay informed through contact with the course coordinator and the learning platform chosen by the course coordinator.

Expect your schedule to apply and that most courses proceed as planned.

Public spaces, group rooms and computer rooms are open to students with LU access card, until otherwise announced. This means that those who want, have the opportunity to use these premises for self-study. Lecture halls and classrooms, on the other hand, are closed.

Re-exam period after Easter

Mandatory registration applies and no "plussning" avaliable.

For planning, it is extremely important for LTH and course coordinators to know how many students are planning to undertake the exam for each course. Therefore, deregister as soon as possible if you do not plan to write the exam.

For the re-exam period during Easter, you will not be able to register for "plussning", ie redo an exam to raise your grade.

For the re-exam period, mandatory examination registration applies, that is, only those who are registered can take the re-exam.

Right now, we are working intensively to develop methods for the re-exams in April. More information will be available shortly, either here or directly from the course coordinator.

Extended marking period of exams for study period 3 and study period 4

As the exams for study period 3 were partly carried out remotly and the institutions are now switching to distance education, the marking of the exams will take slightly longer than usual.

Degree project in the spring

All supervision of degree projects must be done remotely.

Degree projects that require resources on campus (labs, workshops, etc.) can, for the time being, be carried out as planned if you as a student want to - provided that it can be done without risk of infection. This means, for example, that practical work should be carried out in very small groups. Supervisors together with the head of department are responsible for making a risk assessment.

If you as a student want, or if the risks are considered too great, the task should be reformulated so that you can complete the work remotely.

Degree and graduate work carried out at companies can continue there as long as the company allows it. If the company no longer allows the degree project to be carried out with or with them, contact your supervisor.

Do the courses follow the syllabus?

Since the current circumstances are different than when the syllabi were planned, in some cases, it will be necessary to change them. This means, for example, that some parts can be deleted or replaced by other or moved timewise. If you have questions about this, contact the course coordinator.

For some courses it may be relevant to only give grades U / 3 on the exam. Then a supplementary step will be given to the exam which gives a higher grade.

In a few cases, courses have been canceled. As a student, you should have received information about this, and how it can be replaced with another course.

All courses that are given must be examined according to the syllabus or according to the deviation plan decided by the head of the department on the basis of the virus outbreak. This could mean that some examining steps are moved. Contact your course coordinator if you have any questions.

LTH has made a decision to enable distance teaching

Changes to courses due to the spread of the coronavirus are to be made with the least possible impact on the quality of the courses. LTH has made a decision that makes it possible in practical terms to switch to online teaching and assessment and in this way help to reduce the spread of infection. 

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, Lund University – with reference to the Government’s and Swedish Public Health Authority’s recommendations – switched to teaching and assessment using distance methods as of 18 March. More information can be found on Lund University staff pages.

To reduce the spread of infection, teaching and assessment of students’ performance will be conducted online, as far as possible.

The dean of LTH, Viktor Öwall, has made several decisions which mean that the switch can be implemented in practice. The ambition throughout is that the quality of education is not to be adversely affected due to the new forms of teaching and assessment.

“At LTH there is a considerable element of classroom-based teaching and practical work in the form of laboratory sessions and project work. We are aware, therefore, that quality will be affected, but we are doing all we can to reduce the effects”, says Viktor Öwall.

The departments are now reviewing their forms of teaching, and heads of department are making decisions on changes in the design of courses. All changes are to be documented. The changes will depend on the specific conditions for each course and each department. (Dnr STYR 220/555)

Directives are also given (Dnr STYR 2020/571) for how LTH is to manage courses involving components that require a physical presence. Depending on conditions, heads of department can decide to:

  • replace course elements with other components that can be conducted using distance methods
  • postpone components or the whole course to a later date (e.g. by creating a summer course)
  • replace the course with another existing course or a new course.

LTH’s dean has also made a decision about temporary changes in the rules for the defence of doctoral theses at LTH. (Dnr U 2020/254)

Please note that the information on this page applies until further notice. However, as the situation is changing rapidly, decisions may be changed and new decisions may be announced. This page will be continuously updated with information on decisions made by LTH’s management. It is important to keep updated on this information as well as information on the University website.

If you are a student and have questions about changes to programmes and courses, contact the programme director/Master’s director for general programme questions, or the course director of the course in question.

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