Help wanted

Do you find mathematics fun and interesting – and would like to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with some students?

Teachers sometime finds it hard to find enough time to spend with students struggling with maths during the ordinary school day. They would very much appreciate your help.

Studieverkstan at Korsbackaskolan in Kävlinge is a place where the students can find extra help voluntarily. As an alumni from LTH or a student at LTH you can make a difference.

When: Tuesdays at 15.30-16.30
Where: Korsbackaskolan, Kävlinge

Practical information: The school is 8-10 minutes away from the train station and trains from both Malmö and Lund stops every 30 minutes. Bus 123 from Lund stops right outside the school. There is also a large, free of charge, parking space.

If you finds it interesting to volunteer your time and tutor some students, please contact for more information. It is important that you are able to tutor in Swedish.

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