To apply for academic positions at LTH

Please apply via the link in the vacancy notice.

At the Faculty of Engineering, LTH, a standardised qualifications portfolio is used to document and present merits.
Write your application in English.

Instructions and templates:
Instructions Academic qualifications portfolio LTH
Template A-G research qualifications portfolio
Template A-G artistic qualifications portfolio

Please compose your application as follows and upload it as PDF-files in the recruitment system.

Application - Upload as one merged PDF-file.
A.Cover letter
C.List of selected publications
D.Research/Artistic qualifications portfolio
E.Teaching qualifications portfolio
F.Qualifications portfolio for leadership and administration
G.Qualifications portfolio for innovation, entrepreneurship and external engagement
Attachments and certificates - Upload as one merged PDF -file (max 50 pages).
Publications - Upload one at a time (max 10).
H.Selected publications/artistic work