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Welcome to the LTH Pre-Party Picnic!


On Friday afternoon there will be a LTH student and staff pre-party, in the form of a picnic around Lake Sjön. If you didn't register in time you are welcome to join with a blanket and a picnic bag of your own! Illustrations: Jutta Falkengren

On 15 September, all students and employees at LTH have been invited for a Pre-Party, before the Lund University Student and Staff Party in Lundagård. A day to celebrate that Lund University for almost 350 years has been a powerful force within education, research and community building!

For students and employees at LTH (as well as at the three departments that belong both to LTH and to the Faculty of Natural Sciences) there will be a joint pre-party on the LTH campus, in the form of a picnic around Lake Sjön.

Some 2 500 students and staff members have signed up, which is a fantastic number!

LTH will provide some light food and water in a picnic-paper-bag, and two simple blankets for groups of four people. Remember to bring a plastic sac to put beneath, the grass is damp if not to say wet!

We will provide water to drink. If you would like something more advanced to drink to your picnic, you are free to bring your own. Perhaps a thermos of coffee and a mug, to accompany the chocolate?

During the picnic, there will be some light entertainment and we hope to sing a few songs together.

Via e-mail, you will receive information on where you will pick up your bag. We will make a random assignment – and hopefully you will get to know new friends!

If you are certain you registered for the Pre-Party but did not receive an e-mail, come to Cornelis in Kårhuset at 13:30. We will then find your name on the list!


13:30-14:00 Pickup of picnic-bag

14:00-16:30 Picnic

16:30-16:45 Tidy up the lawn, to the sound of ’Stad i Ljus’. We all help with this.

17:40 Entry slot for those who have registered for the Student and Staff Party in Lundagård



The picnic is held around the lake Sjön in the center of LTH Campus.


NB! Information about where you will pick up the picnic bag (with food, water and a thin blanket) is sent out via e-mail.


I missed to register for the Pre-Party in time. No problem, bring your own food, warm blanket, coffee, mug, etc and join in! The more the merrier.

I am a vegetarian. No prob, the planet is grateful. The picnic bags contain no meat products. There is a little of this and that in the bags, if you want to feel certain to get gluten free food etc, you may bring a little extra!

I want to go to the Student and Staff Party in Lundagård. If you haven’t registered, unfortunately the Student and Staff Party is now fully booked.

Coffee included? No, bring your own coffee, tea etc, and a mug!

Dresscode? As we say in Swedish: Kläder efter väder.

What happens with the blankets? You may keep them, or donate to charity.

Should I bring an extra blanket or cushion? Yes, prepare for some rain and sitting on damp grass.


Keep your fingers crossed for great weather. We hope you will have a good time, celebrating the 350th anniversary of Lund University!

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Patrik Gustafsson, President of Teknologkåren

Eva Leire, Head of department at Department of Technology and Society

Kalle Åström, Professor at Mathematics (Faculty of Engineering) and Numerical Analysis