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Watch: Student develops bracelet that is a personal safety alarm


A bracelet with a unique ”panic grip” - featuring a built-in mobile phone and GPS system - has been developed by a former industrial design student at Lund University in Sweden. The device doesn’t require a base station in your home.


The mobile bracelet can be programmed with up to seven phone numbers. When activated, the microphone and speakers are switched on, phone calls are made to the chosen phone numbers, and your GPS location is sent by text message to the recipients.

Throughout the process, blinking green or red lights and vibrations give you feedback on if and when someone has received your alert.

The patented, ergonomic panic grip involves pressing the bracelet in two spots; a move that is easy and discreet to perform in an emergency situation. The grip also makes it harder to activate the alarm by mistake.

The silicone bracelet was designed to look sleek and modern, something that may encourage more people to wear it, according to Hanne Pålsson who developed the product as her Master’s thesis project in Industrial Design.

”The bracelet is primarily intended for the elderly and disabled, but victims of crime, those involved in extreme sports or someone living under threat may also find it useful”, she explains.

Having worked as a carer for the elderly on and off for ten years, Hanne Pålsson had a clear vision of what functions would be useful in a safety alarm. Combined with her knowledge of industrial design, she came up with the idea for the bracelet.

”We have a growing elderly population that may have different needs and require a product that is versatile”, concludes Hanne Pålsson.

Hanne Pålsson