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The duo to lead LTH


One is a professional board member and sailing enthusiast who pickles her own herring. The other is dedicated to clarity, owns a pug and writes a book recommendation blog. Together, Charlotta Falvin and Viktor Öwall will lead LTH for the next few years – Charlotta as chair of the board and Viktor as dean.

Charlotta has been a member of a dozen different boards over the past ten years. In addition, she has considerable experience of working with companies run by entrepreneurs – including in her former capacity as CEO of TAT, the enterprise started by LTH alumni which was subsequently bought up by mobile technology giant Blackberry. She is an economics graduate who worked for many years at engineering company Axis – another organisation with strong links to LTH. Since 2011, she also holds an honorary doctoral degree from LTH.

Viktor is a veteran of LTH. He has been here ever since he started studying for a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, with the exception of 1995 to 1996, when he was a postdoc at the University of California in Los Angeles. Viktor is the director of the Vinnova-sponsored research centre, System Design on Silicon, and head of the Department of Electrical and Information Technology.

“I am a great believer in LTH and LU as a whole. Those who nominated me must have thought that I could do a good job as dean. This feels both flattering and exciting – LTH has many challenges ahead, in various respects”, says Viktor Öwall.

“I am curiosity-driven. Of course I wonder what demands and expectations people have of me; after all I don’t know on what grounds I was nominated, which feels a bit scary. But at the same time I am in no doubt: LTH and the region are dear to my heart, and I look forward to finding a lot of fun stuff to do”, says Charlotta Falvin.

Anders Frick


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See Viktor and Charlotta introduce themselves in a video:

A longer video interview of Viktor Öwall and LTH’s new deputy dean, Annika Mårtensson, is available online:



For the next three years, LTH’s new board will consist of:

  • Charlotta Falvin, professional board member, chair 
  • Sven Landelius, chair of the board of ESS AB
  • Jerry Bengtsson, CEO AB Tetra Pak
  • Anne Landin, professor, Department of Construction Science 
  • Maria Johansson, professor, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment 
  • Stefan Kröll, professor, Department of Physics 
  • Marilyn Rayner, senior lecturer, Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition 
  • Thomas Laurell, professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering 
  • Aylin Ahadi, senior lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering 
  • Peter Rådström, professor, Department of Chemistry (re-election)
  • Marianne Olsson, Department of Immunotechnology 
  • Johan Hugosson, LTH faculty office