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Thank you for the LTH Pre-Party!


During Thursday and Friday volunteers packed and distributed picnic bags for 2 800 students and staff members at LTH.

They were numerable, and they put their soul in organising the LTH Pre-Party. Volunteers from different parts of LTH packed and distributed picnic bags for 2 800 students and staff members. Thank you all!

On 15 September, all students and employees at LTH were invited for a Pre-Party arranged by the Student Union and LTH, before the Lund University Student and Staff Party in Lundagård.

We came togehter to celebrate that Lund University for almost 350 years has been a powerful force within education, research and community building. And even though it occasionally rained, the weather was with us on Friday.

Here at LTH an impressive amount of volunteers cooperated in Cornelis and elsewhere to arrange the Pre-Party. Thank you, all, for a fantastic job!

Thanks also to Tomas Persson from Matematikcentrum, who was our presenter, and thanks to Eva Leire, Kalle Åström and Teknologkåren for organising this get-together for all students and staff at LTH!

We really did meet new LTH friends, and we got to clean up the Pre-Party Area after singing "Stad i ljus" together.

Why not meet more often across boundaries of departments and research fields, sharing a picnic basket?