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Medicon Alley now at LTH


Ultrasound diagnosis is one of the medical engineering innovations that originated at Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering through the years. Now an exhibition displays an ultrasound machine, together with a tomograph, equipment for hearing tests and keyhole surgery – and much more. This is part of the new Medicon Alley themed exhibition on medical engineering at LTH’s Vattenhallen Science Centre.

Vattenhallen has observed that the human body is something children and young people easily relate to. The body is high on their list of interests, just after space and dinosaurs, reports Monica Almqvist, director of Vattenhallen and the person behind the exhibition initiative.

“Medical engineering is my own research and teaching area. I also worked as a medical engineer before I started my PhD studies. So the subject is close to my heart. In addition, it fits in well with the major investments in life science in the vicinity,” says Monica Almqvist.

Among the experiments on display are a camera that can be swallowed. There is also a tomograph, where if you dare to lie down on the bunk, you can choose to see the human body in a completely new way.

“When we tell the youngsters that the images are taken from a human being who donated his body to research, they find it very exciting. And the visit to Vattenhallen is primarily meant to offer an experience that awakens curiosity to learn more in future”, says Monica Almqvist.

One of her own favourite experiments is the one known as “light diagnosis”. It consists of a box with an LED that glows red, green and blue. The experimenter finds out that only the red light shows through a finger. The sign informs you that this is why blood is red – because blood absorbs all other colours. The experiment exhibits the Lund research related to the use of lasers for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

The exhibition at Vattenhallen got its impetus from a degree project at LTH, written by Jenny Bengtsson and Michaela Westergren. The exhibition was inaugurated at the end of March and will continue for at least one year.

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