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Lectures with Honorary Doctors Anna Stenstam, Henrik Madsen and Karin Adelsköld


The new Honorary Doctors arrive at LTH Campus and give lectures Thursday 1 June. Photo: Per Warfvinge

Thursday 1 June you are welcome to listen to the LTH Honorary Doctors of 2017 in V-huset.

Welcome to attend the lectures given by the LTH Honorary Doctors Anna Stenstam, Henrik Madsen and Karin Adelsköld.

When: Thursday 1 June at 09:0012:00

Where: V:A (Lecture hall in V-huset)

Fika will be served.



"Statistics and Crystal Ball Techniques"

Henrik Madsen

Professor Henrik Madsen at the Technical University of Denmark is a world leading researcher within statistics, time series analysis and dynamical systems. He is a frequent and much appreciated visitor at Lund University since the 1980s.



"Alma Mater and the Modern Economy"

Anna Stenstam

Anna Stenstam has a PhD in physical chemistry and for many years has worked in the entrepreneurial interface between business and academia. Through her lectures to students at all levels she is a great inspiration to the next generation of engineers and researchers.



"Humour and technology a must for the development of society!"

Karin Adelsköld

For more than ten years Karin Adelsköld, technical journalist and comedian has worked to promote an interest in technology and innovation among the public, especially young women. She teaches us why laughter is so important, and how we can make even complicated subjects fun.