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Instead of floating plastic – floating houses


Villa Nemo

Villa Nemo

Architect student Ludvig Hofsten wanted to address the issues of rising sea levels and plastic waste in the ocean. He designed Villa Nemo, a project that sees the potential of living on water in the future; with both lifestyle and environmental benefits.

"Our cities are becoming fairly dense, and there’s less space to build new houses. Quite a lot of cities are starting to look at the possibility of building on water”, says Ludvig Hofsten.

 The core idea of Villa Nemo is to use plastic bottles from our oceans to build floating foundations for the houses, as well as for insulating the walls. Underwater turbines would utilise wave power to generate electricity, and sea water can be filtered directly for household use.

 There are lifestyle perks too, according to Ludvig Hofsten. There’s the potential for great views from your windows - and of course being able to move your house if the need arises. Being away from the noise pollution of a busy city, yet still being in a prime location, is another.