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Senior research projects

WASP Professor Package: Cognitive Robots for Manufacturing

Volker KruegerFaseeh Ahmad, Matthias Mayr, Johan Oxenstierna, and Hampus Åström 

Associate Senior Lecturers

WASP Collaboration

WASP Cluster

WASP Cluster: Software Engineering for Smart Systems

Per Runeson, Rasmus Ros, Adha Hrusto & Qunying Song   

WASP Expeditions

Intelligent Cell-free Access for wiReless Ubiquitous Services (ICARUS)

Pontus Giselsson, Mustafa Yetis, Sebastian Banert, Emil Björnson, Sucharita Chakraborty & Özlem Tugfe Demir

Realtime Individualization of Brain Computer Interfaces

Carolina Bergeling, Bo Bernhardsson, Maria Sandsten, Frida Heskebeck & Rachele Anderson

WASP dissertation projects at Lund University

Initiated 2020

Initiated 2019

Millimeter-wave radio based positioning

Hedieh Khosravi, Fredrik Tufvesson & Harsh Tataria

Continuous system testing using autonomous monitors

Adha Hrusto, Per Runeson, Emelie Engström & Magnus C Ohlsson

Explainable Declarative Programming Analysis

Idriss Riouak, Görel Hedin, Christoph Reichenbach & Niklas Fors

On Minimax Adaptive Control

Olle Kjellqvist, Anders Rantzer & Bo Bernhardsson

Spatiotemporal Consistency in Rendering and Deep Learning

Pontus Andersson, Kalle Åström, Tomas Akenine-Möller & Magnus Oskarsson

Throughput Control in Autonomous Networks

Emil Vladu, Anders Rantzer, Richard Pates & Carolina Bergeling

Deep Learning for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Axel Berg, Magnus Oskarsson, Kalle Åström & Mark O'Connor

Initiated 2018

Smart Modules

Noric Couderc & Christoph Reichenbach

Initiated 2017

Initiated 2016

Continuous optimization of software

Rasmus Ros, Per Runeson & Elizabeth Bjarnason

Adaptive software architectures for autonomous system

Alfred Åkesson, Görel Hedin, Boris Magnusson & Niklas Fors

Digital Cognitive Companion for Marine Vessels

PhD Thesis by Mårten Lager, Defende 12 February 2021
Supervisors: Jacek Malec & Elin Anna Topp

Initiated 2015

Radio based positioning

Xuhong Li, Fredrik Tufvesson & Erik Leitinger

A Timely Journey Through the Cloud

PhD Thesis by Viktor Millnert. Defended 19 September 2019

Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP)

WASP is a major national initiative for strategically motivated basic research, education, and faculty recruitment in autonomous systems and software development. It is Sweden’s largest individual research program ever, and provides unique opportunities for achieving international research excellence with industrial relevance.

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