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DU STÅR MED kladdiga fingrar, mitt i bakningen, när telefonen ringer. Varför kan jag inte ta emot samtalet med en gest? Detta behov kan snart vara löst, delvis tack vare ett examensarbete av Erik Westenius.[more]


Den 25 oktober la Erik Westenius och två andra blivande civilingenjörer fram sina examensarbeten på samma förmiddag , timmarna efter varandra, i E-huset. I programbladet presenterades alla tre projekten i populärvetenskapliga...[more]


Motivation: For any device, render optimal visual quality while maintaining a fixed performance set point.[more]


FP7 MESH-WISE Project LaunchedNew Scania representative in ELLIIT industrial advisor boardEpisode Hjärnkontoret Program in Swedish National TelevisionInterview with Patrick Doherty New Acumen release NSF CPS PI meeting...[more]


Poster by: Per Ganestam and Michael Doggett[more]


Knappt 200 deltog i årets LUCAS-dag på tema datormoln. Se bilder och uttalanden här.[more]


ELLIIT Workshop 2013Halmstad ColloquiumMobile and Pervasive Cloud Computing Institute at Lund University (MAPCI)First Steps for the NAO Halmstad GroupLUCAS Day in LundThird Halmstad Summer SchoolResearch Cooperation with the...[more]


Ever since the day when mobile phones were used exclusively for talking, mobile technology has continued to develop at a rapid pace and evidence suggests this is still only the beginning. Today, completely different industries –...[more]


Changes in the ELLIIT BoardELLIIT Workshop 2013Linköping FFT processors in Electronics LettersThird Halmstad Summer School on Testing, June 3-5Halmstad Group at TV4ELLIIT on CPS EducationDigital Society at Pufendorf InstituteThe...[more]


ELLIIT Workshop 2013Constraint Programming WorkshopLarge impact of Linköping electronics researchNew project between LU/CS and ABB MalmöWorkshop on Wireless Vehicular Communications in HalmstadMODPROD'2013...[more]


Poster by: Krzysztof Kuchcinski[more]


reqT is a requirements modelling tool for creating and managing requirements on evolving software-intensive systems. reqT combines natural language expressiveness with graph structures using an internal Scala DSL.[more]


Constraint Programming CompetitionWorkshops at CPSWEEKIndustrial seminar in KarlskronaLadda ned    [more]


Nyheter Rekryteringar Forskningsfinansiering Ladda ned[more]


Poster by: Per Ganestam and Michael Doggett    [more]


Poster by: Emma Soderberg Gorel Hedin at Department of Computer Science, Lund University Problem: How to efficiently analyse the semantics of a changing program? Conclusions: The RAG solution had much...[more]


Poster by: Richard Berntsson Svensson and Björn Regnell[more]


Poster by: Emelie Engström and Per Runeson[more]


Poster by: Emma Soderberg Gorel Hedin at Department of Computer Science, Lund University Goal: Easy construction of integrated development environments (IDEs) Focus: Services relying on semantic information Method:...[more]


Upon selection of a requirement in one requirement set, ReqSimile calculates the similarity to all the requirements in another requirements set (which could also be the same set in order for finding duplicates and other...[more]

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