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Robotics week reached 670 school children


During euRobotics week 2015, about 20 one-hour-long guided tours were arranged in Robot Lab at Lund University. The main audience were about 670 school children and students of all ages from 20 different school classes in the region who had booked a tour but also about 30 adults from the public (including some from within Lund University) during special sessions.  

Demos included in the tours:  

  • Ball-catching robot using stereo vision  
  • Robot doing free-form hot-wire cutting in styrofoam  
  • Interaction and programming of a dual-arm robot by lead-through motions 
  • Parallel kinematic manipulators  
  • Simultaneous localization and mapping for mobile robots  
  • Tactile/haptic feedback for operator interface  
  • Overview of current and outlook of future robotics research  including the EU-funded projects SMErobotics, SARFUN and Flexifab 
  • Natural-language programming of an industrial robot