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Emelie Engström (LU/CS) received ELLIIT funding


Emelie Engström (LU/CS) has received ELLIIT funding for three years to support promising young researchers of under-represented gender. She will primarily focus on tools to support testing decisions in a complex software development context. When the software systems and development organizations grow in size and complexity the overview of needed as well as actual testing deteriorates, and thus the ability to make informed decisions without tool support. She will explore the cognitive needs of test engineers when making strategic and operational testing decisions and investigate how to utilize visual analytics to support these needs.

Furthermore, she wants to contribute to the development of software engineering design science methodology. Design science in software engineering is still in its infancy, leading to an unnecessary gap between research and practice. Researchers and practitioners approach software engineering challenges at different levels of abstraction, from different perspectives and to some extent with different effect targets. Thus, guidance is needed on how to extract and describe software engineering challenges in its application context, to match these descriptions with relevant solution concepts and further to implement, evaluate and generalize knowledge from a context-specific solution.

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