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Practical problem solving with constraints: hands-on constraint programming

When: 2010-10-21 9.00-12.00

Where: LTH, E-huset

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JaCoP v. 3.0 Java Constraint Programming Libraray

Introduction video to constraint programming

Constraint programming (CP) is a rather new programming paradigm where relations between variables are stated by constraints.  The stated constraints are then explored and solutions to these constraints are found. This programming paradigm makes it possible to find solutions satisfying all constraints or an optimal solution. 

In this hands-on session, we will first briefly introduce CP over finite domain and then concentrate on how we can define and solve different problems. We will illustrate CP approach with examples solved by our constraint programming solver JaCoP (Java Constraint Programming library,

The participants will get opportunity to try the solver with existing or own problems. Bring your own laptop with WLAN connection to put your hands-on CP. JaCoP solver, written in Java, can be run on any operating system supporting Java. MiniZinc language, offering more abstract specifications, is only available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows/Cygwin.


Krzysztof Kuchcinski is a professor at Lund University. He is one of the core developers of Java Constraint Programming library, JaCoP, and MiniZinc to JaCoP compiler. He is also interested in using constraint programming methods in design problems of embedded systems.

Carl Christian Rolf is a PhD student working on parallelization of constraint programming framework.

Number of participants: Max 20. First come, first served.

Contact: Krzysztof Kuchcinski

Introduction video to constraint programming