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LUCAS half-day workshop: Configuration Management Workshop: What would you like CM to do for you - and what value can CM bring you?

When: 2010-10-21 at 09.00-10.00

Where: LTH, E-huset

This is a highly interactive half-day workshop where you will discuss issues that you find important in your daily operations and that you think CM might solve for you. You will learn how the CM principles can be applied in many different contexts. Based on the workshop discussions and the relevant capabilities of CM you will receive a list of literature and links that can guide you to improve your application of CM in your business.

Potential ideas for discussions:

  • What can CM be used for apart from versioning products
  • What can CM be applied to other than software code
  • Can you demonstrate the value that CM adds to the business
  • How to explain the CM principles, concepts and techniques in a business context
  • How can CM be applied to agile and lean projects
  • How to measure, analyse and promote CM data
  • How can CM assist other process improvement efforts in the company
  • What are the CMMI® requirements for CM

However, for these discussions to become effective and useful, you must bring information about your own situation (actual cases, problems) that you are willing to share and discuss with the other participants. The discussions and the recommendations will not be spread beyond the participants.


  • Portfolio managers, project managers, business analysts, requirement analysts, owners
  • QA, CM managers, Process improvement agents
  • Testers, developers, designers/architects


Otto Vinter is a specialist in software process improvement and a Software Engineering Mentor. He is an independent consultant ( specialising in software process improvement and how to implement CMMI® in practice. Until 2007, he was consulting for DELTA IT-Processes. Before 2000, he was responsible for software process improvements at Brüel & Kjær. He has been the driving force in the company's improvement activities in testing, requirements engineering, agile development models, and SCM. He introduced defect analysis as a bottom-up improvement technique and deployed it successfully. He has managed process improvements for 15+ years and development projects for 30+ years.

Lars Bendix is a specialist in software configuration management and an associate professor at Lund University. He is a driving force in academia for research and teaching of SCM. For more than 10 years he has had close collaboration with industry, both on joint research projects and as a consultant giving courses and advice on practical application of SCM. In 2004 he initiated the Scandinavian Network of Excellence in SCM (SNESCM) and has since 2005 organized its yearly Scandinavian SCM day.

Number of participants:
min. 8 – max. 16. (first-come-first-served + work function/role to enable a good spread of participants)