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LUCAS-day 2010

Date: Thursday, October 21

Location: E-huset, Ole Römers väg 3, LTH - in and around E:1406

The objective of the LUCAS-day is to inspire and develop collaboration between industry and academia in the field of applied software research. We would therefore like to welcome you to a full day of intensive and inspiring workshops, seminars and demonstrations where the latest research is presented.

The day begins with parallel workshops and tutorials. In the afternoon we have joint presentations in one or two tracks. As invited speaker we have Mats Jonsson, Saab Systems, who will share his experiences on open source in mission critical applications. Participation is free of charge. You decide what parts you want to participate in.

12.00-13.00 Lunch

Lunch and registration for new arrivals

13.00 Joint session (E:A)

  • Invited talk: Software in SAAB's products and activities
    Göran Backlund, Combitech
  • Research overviews:
    ELLIIT - The Lund-Linköping Initiative on IT (Karl-Erik Årzén)
    EASE - The Industrial Excellence Centre for Embedded Applications Software Engineering (Per Runeson) 
    - Software Innovation and Engineering Institute (Sten Minör)

14.00 Coffee break

14.45-16.30 Research presentations

Track ATrack BTrack C
Beyond von Neumann Mapping streaming applications to many core architectures (Per Andersson)

Static Analysis and Transformations of Dataflow Multimedia Applications Karl-Erik Årzén and Anders Nilsson

Sensor based robot control over real-time networks (Anders Robertsson)

Palpable Computing in health care (Boris Magnusson)

Semantic Applications of Text Processing (Pierre Nugues)

How do humans communicate with a mobile robot? Summary of a user study
(Elin Anna Topp)

Automated Linking of Natural Language Software Artefacts - a research overiew (Markus Borg)

A Survey of Regression Testing Practices (Per Runeson)

Sigrun Research-Industry Exhange Workshop continuation from morning session (Sten Minör, SIGRUN

16.30 Öl&macka / guided tour in the robot lab

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