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Digit@LTH breakfast seminar: Copy & Paste Redeemed by Christoph Reichenbach


From: 2019-09-05 09:00 to: 10:00
Place: E-huset, Ole Römers väg 3. Start in EIT Lunch-room (E:2328
Contact: Jonas [dot] Wisbrant [at] cs [dot] lth [dot] se
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E2328Speaker: Dr Christoph Reichenbach, Computer Science, LTH

Title: Copy & Paste Redeemed

When: 5 September at 9.00-10.00

Where: E-huset, Ole Römers väg 3. Start in EIT Lunch-room (E:2328)

Abstract: Re-use is one of the most powerful abilities that software gives us: once we have written a subroutine that solves a problem, we can (in theory) keep solving the same problem with the same subroutine, forever.  If we then run into a problem that is not the same but still substantially similar to the problem that we have already solved, we can use our existing subroutine as a basis for solving the new problem.

However, there are two competing strategies for such re-use: one method, preferred by the practitioner literature, is to generalise the subroutine that we have already implemented, while another method, used throughout the software industry, is to copy, paste, and adapt the old subroutine.

In this talk, we will look at these two strategies, explore why one might be preferable to the other, and look at a tool that we have developed to try to bridge the gap between the two.

Please register no later than 4 September 12.00 at: