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Person driving car. Photo.

For ten years, researchers in communications engineering in Lund have worked in close collaboration with Volvo Cars and other vehicle manufacturers to study communication between vehicles. The result is robust communication...[more]


Lars-Erik Wernersson, professor i nanoelektronik, om bristen på halvledare.[more]


Stefan Andrić holding dissertation. Photo.

Wireless hardware can currently communicate with wavelengths of up to 6 GHz. To go beyond this, towards the interval 10 to 100 GHz, the performance of the parts of the computer chips that process the signals from and to antennas...[more]


Lars-Erik Wernersson, professor of nanoelectronics at Lund University, has received an ERC Advanced Grant for the integration of new materials into the high-performance, energy-efficient transistors and circuit solutions of the...


Lars-Erik Wernersson, professor i nanoelektronik, får EU:s ERC Advanced Grant för integration av nya material i framtidens högpresterande och energisnåla transistorer och kretslösningar.

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