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Sample Requirement

At least 3 µl sample. Estimated concentration should preferably be above 50 ng/µl to give accurate data.

At least 3 µl sample. A rough estimate of concentration is needed in order to decide which chip to run.

For totalRNA: Nano chip 50-500 ng/µl and Pico chip 50-5000 pg/µl.

For microRNA (6-150 nt): Small RNA chip 50-2000 pg/µl.

NanoDrop and Bioanalyzer
At least 5µl sample.


Before ordering a QC service please contact Pia Chassale.


Transport to SCIBLU Genomics
Samples should be delivered in 200 µl PCR tubes or strips. All samples should be labelled individually and directly on the tube. Samples must be delivered on ice together with a sample list.


Visiting address:
Department of Immuntechnology
Medicon Village, building 406
SE-221 85 Lund, Sweden

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