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Lab services

  • Please send us an email describing your project and we will help with initial project planning
  • When samples are ready to be delivered, please complete and return the Registration Form_DNA and the MIAME form to,.
  • Under Sample Requirement you will find information about number of samples, DNA amount and concentration requirements.
  • Double-stranded DNA samples should be delivered in correct volumes and concentrations. Concentration, OD 260/230 and OD 260/280 data should be submitted together with a gel picture, the samples and the forms. SCIBLU Genomics will make no further quality control before starting the analysis.
  • Always contact us before sending your samples. You will be placed in queue upon sample arrival
  • Data will be delivered via LU box. We offer free consultancy for two weeks after delivery of data.
  • For DNA analysis we offer very limited bioinformatic analysis and only perform basic quality control of the experiment. We will deliver raw data and customers need to make their own arrangements for further analysis
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific offer free software (ChAS and Nexus express) for analysis of OncoScan and Cytoscan data
  • Data and samples will be stored at SCIBLU Genomics for one month after data delivery. After completion of the study it is the responsibility of the customer to pick up any remaining DNA within a month, or it will be disposed of without further notification.
  • For more information about cytogenetic assays, please visit Thermo Fisher Scientific


While every care will be taken, SCIBLU Genomics takes no responsibility for any loss of material at any point!

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