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Sample Requirement

SNP Genotyping, CNV or Methylation Analysis

  • DNA needs to be pure, intact and of even quality. We recommend using the NanoDrop for determining the sample concentration and purity. DNA (dissolved in water) should have an OD260/280 ratio close to 1.8 and OD260/230 ratio close to 2.0.  If Nanodrop is not available at your lab this service can be provided by SCIBLU Genomics as an extra service, please see Quality Control.
  • SNP Genotyping and CNV: Please provide an amount of 900 ng DNA at a concentration of 60 ng/ul in DNase and RNase free water (example 15 ul of 60 ng/ul).
  • Methylation: Please provide an amount of 500 ng DNA in 45 ul  DNase and RNase free water. The whole amount of 500 ng will be bisulfite converted using the EZ DNA Methylation kit.

Methylation on FFPE DNA

  • A quality control of the FFPE DNA has to be done before starting the methylation analysis. Go to Quality Control for further information.
  • Samples that pass the QC, should be provided in an amount of 250 ng DNA in 45 ul (5.6 ng/ul) DNase and RNase free water.
  • We recommend using the Qubit or Picogreen for determining the sample concentrations. Qubit is also available as Quality Control.


Delivery to SCIBLU Genomics

  • DNA should be delivered in a sealed 96-well sample plate (preferably skirted, low profile) labelled with project number. The samples should be placed in the plate with the start at position A1, B1, C1 etc.
  • Deliver samples together with signed Order Confirmation and Sample Sheet. Please contact us before sending your samples to make sure that someone at SCIBLU Genomics facility will receive the package.


Delivery address:

SCIBLU Genomics, Department of Oncology and Pathology
Medicon Village, building 402A,
Scheelevägen 8,
SE-223 63 Lund, Sweden


Visiting address:

SCIBLU Genomics, Department of Oncology
Medicon Village, building 404:3B
SE-223 63 Lund, Sweden

Visitors are kindly asked to book an appointment.

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