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Lab services

How to run a Gene Expression study at SCIBLU Genomics

  • Investigators are asked to fill in the Registration Form_RNA and the MIAMI Form (see Forms ), and return it to by e-mail when samples are ready to be delivered. When a project is accepted, it will receive a project number. In Sample Requirement you will find information about our requirements regarding total RNA amounts and concentrations for various assays. Always contact us before sending in your samples. You will be placed in queue upon sample arrival.
  • Samples are accepted as quality tested total RNA. NanoDrop and Bioanalyzer data (pdf. file), not older than one month should be submitted together with the Registration and MIAME forms. All NanoDrop and Bioanalyzer testing of total RNA at SCIBLU Genomics will be charged according to our Quality Control pricelist.
  • We offer help with initial project planning. Customers wishing bioinformatic help must have their experiment design approved by Fredrik Levander prior to start.
  • Data will be delivered via LU-box. We offer one basic bioinformatic analysis of array data. In addition we offer consultancy (telephone and e-mail) for two weeks after delivery of data. As our time and resources are strictly limited all additional analyses and support will be charged according to our standard consultancy fee and only given if time permits. For more information, see Bioinformatics.
  • Data and samples will be stored at SCIBLU Genomics for one month after data delivery. After completion of the study it is the responsibility of the customer to pick up any remaining total RNA within a month, or it will be disposed of without further notification.

For general questions, planning and lab, please contact us!

For bioinformatic questions, please contact Fredrik Levander

For information about the array portifolio, please visit ThermoFisher.

For large scale studies (more than a hundred samples), please contact us!

Customers wishing to visit us are kindly asked to book an appointment in advance to make sure we are available.

While every care will be taken, SCIBLU Genomics takes no responsibility for any loss of material or data at any point!