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Lund University


SCIBLU is a centre at Lund University offering integrated service within all the main -omics areas. It was created by a fusion of five of the former Swegene centres within the genomicsproteomics and bioinformatics areas.

Prof. Carl Borrebaeck is program director of the centre that consists of the principal investigators  profs. Åke Borg (Genomics), Carsten Peterson (Bioinformatics), and Peter James (Proteomics). The Centre is located in Lund at the Medicon Village.




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Accurate and precise analysis on Affymetrix whole-transcriptome (WT) arrays from as few as 10 cells using the WT Pico Kit.

Copy number and LOH from FFPE tumours using the Affymetrix Oncoscan Assay


Methylation profiling of FFPE samples using 450K Methylation arrays.

Help with transportation of samples for QC from BMC to Medicon Village is possible. Please contact Pia Chassale.