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Spatial omics - New technology at SCIBLU Genomics!

Thanks to support from Lund University and the faculties of Engineering and Medicine SCIBLU Genomics will soon start to offer SpatialOmics@LU with the recently launched GeoMx DSP instrument from NanoString technologies.

The GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiling instrument can both measure and spatially resolve protein and RNA expression in a single FFPE or fresh-frozen tissue slide, allowing analysis of sub-regions and single cells.

Please contact us at if you'd like to receive updates about the coming launch of SpatialOmics@LU.

SCIBLU Genomics services

SCIBLU genomics offers technologies for gene expression analysis, from whole genome transcriptomics to targeted studies of specific biological pathways.

The Applied Biosystems microarray platform (former Affymetrix) is a good choice for transcriptomics, whole genome expression analysis and profiling of microRNAs. A variety of arrays are available with the possibility to analyse degraded and low quantity RNA samples. Learn more about our microarray services here.

The Nanostring nCounter is suitable for gene expression analysis of up to 800 gene targets and is ideal for identifying disease specific biomarkers or for investigating specific biological pathways. Learn more about our Nanostring services here

Our services are available to researchers from both academic and non-academic sites in and outside Sweden.


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