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Welcome to SCIBLU Genomics microarray facility

SCIBLU Genomics provides access to the Applied Biosystems microarray platform (former Affymetrix) for transcriptome profiling, mRNA and microRNA expression analysis in various formats and for many different species, as well as Oncoscan CNV typing and CytoScan analysis.

SCIBLU Genomics provides guidance to researchers at all stages of a microarray experiment, from study design and experimental protocols, to wet-lab performance and quality control of the data. We also offer quality control services of DNA and RNA samples.

SCIBLU Genomics services are available to researchers from both academic and non-academic sites in and outside Sweden.

NanoString nCounter System at SCIBLU Genomics

Starting fall 2018, SCIBLU Genomics will begin to offer customers the use of the Nanostring nCounter FLEX System for targeted gene expression analysis as well as other applications.

Read more about Nanostring technology, available applications and the nCounter FLEX System at Nanostrings website.

More information on how to run a gene expression experiment on the Nanostring nCounter FLEX system at SCIBLU Genomics can be found here.



Lina Olsson

Research engineer
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Pia Chassale

Research engineer
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The Department of Immunotechnology is situated at floor 4 of building 406 at Medicon Village (Scheelev├Ągen 2) in Lund, Sweden.