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Humanities Lab

The Laboratory for the Humanisties (Humanistlaboratoriet) at Lund University is a multidisciplinary high-end facility for research and education on culture, communication and cognition.

  • a phonetic/acoustic unit with an anechoic chambers;
  • an eye-tracking unit, which is probably the foremost in Scandinavia;
  • an electrophysiological unit for measuring activity distribution in the cortex (EEG/ERP);
  • an 8-camera body-motion tracker
  • a full-scale Virtual Reality Laboratory in collaboration with the Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre
  • a tactile lab with the world’s first automatic finger-tracking system;
  • a writing unit with tailored software for recording writing processes;
  • a unit for ingestion of data (of sound and picture from various storage media to hard disc)

Special attention has been given the compatibility and combinability of equipment. Thus, for example, the hi-speed eyetracker can be simultaneously combined with the EEG/ERP-equipment and the bodymotion tracker during external conditions controlled in the VR-lab.

Humanistlaboratoriet has a core staff, consisting of a technical director, an audio/video engineer, a methodologist (helping users of the lab with research design and statistical analysis), an IT pedagogue, a data manager and one assistant. The main task of the core staff is to facilitate for users on all levels – from master students to post docs and senior researchers - to use the lab as a resource for smaller or larger research projects or for advanced uses of ICT for research or education.

During 2005 and 2006, 11 projects with principal investigators started in the lab – 8 of them financed by national or international research funding agencies: VR, RJ, FAS and EU. 12 masters projects were successfully finished in the lab, and 8 doctoral projects were initiated. The lab hosted eight guest researchers and organized two international conferences.

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Kenneth Holmqvist,

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