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Full Scale and Mixed Reality Lab

The Full Scale Modelling Lab is situated at the Institute of Architecture, next to the IKDC, and used primarily by the Department of Building Function Analysis. To build models is one way to gain insight and test ideas. Models of buildings are often made in small scale, but in the Full Scale Lab, models can be made in a 1:1 scale.

The lab is a 260 m2 glassed-in hall which can be populated by a variety of building elements, models in cardboard and polystyrene and large building blocks.

The building elements can be tracked by an optical tracking system (VICON) allowing the physical models to also be presented in Virtual Reality - this results in a large Mixed Reality system. This system can also be used for tracking the movements of people.

For further information please contact the center´s coordinator:
Elisabeth Dalholm Hornyánsky,

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