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CMS - Center for Medical Simulation

Center for Medical Simulation, CMS, at Malmö University Hospital, is responsible for coordinating development, pedagogical and curriculum issues, information gathering, research initiatives, marketing, lobbying etc within the field of clinical skills training.

The centre offers courses and training opportunitites for different categories of health care staff; nurse assistants, registered nurses and nurses in specialist training, medical students, interns, registrars and consultants.

• Advanced full scale simulator training courses (adult and pediatric) for medical staff

• Training for vascular surgeons with VIST® (Vascular interventional surgical trainer)

• Training in endoscopy within a near future

Simulation technique is a rather new concept in the medical and health care education, compared to other high-tech activities. In aviation and nuclear power industry for example, training in simulators is a totally integrated part of basic and qualified training and is a prerequisite for security development.

The full scale simulator (a METI HPS®) can be used for different purposes. On a basic level, medical staff can learn and train their individual skills and also be exposed to medical incidents that occur very rarely, but when they do, need immediate attention. On a more advanced level, the simulator can be used for team training, comparable to crisis resource management training in aviation (CRM).

CMS is the second simulation center in Sweden, and was established 2003.

For further information please contact the center´s coordinator, phone +46 40 33 37 87.

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