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Verksamma forskare vid ProMatEn, Lunds universitet

Jan-Eric Ståhl Professor Production and Materials Engineering, Metal Cutting, Forming, Casting, Production analysis and cost models
Mats Andersson Docent Metal Cutting, Forming, Casting, Functional composite materials
Jinming Zhou Professor Metal cutting, Surface integrity, CAM
Tord Cedell Adj. Prof.Docent Induction heating, Functional materials, Automation
Carin Andersson Docent Production analysis and cost models, Milling, Sawing, Gear hobbing
Vova Bushlya Dr. Metal cutting and materials analysis
Sasha Gutnichenko Dr. Metal Cutting, Measurement tech. and Signal analysis.
Volodymyr Turkevych Professor Superhard materials, High pressure technology, Thermal dynamics (xBN, DCC)
Lars Vedmar Dr. Gear technology, Gear hobbing and process modeling, Wear modeling,
Aylin Ahadi Dr. FEM, FSW, Metal Cutting.